Pavlo Makov

Pavlo Makov

Павло Маков

Born in 1958 in St. Petersburg. Lives and works in Kharkiv. In 1979 he graduated from the Crimean Art School. MS Samokisha (c. Simferopol), 1978 – Academy of Arts (m. St. Petersburg). 1984 graduated from the Kharkov Art and Industry Institute, Faculty graphics. Since 1988 – Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine, since 1994 – Member of the Royal Society of British painters and schedules, and since 2006 – member of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine. Participant and winner of many exhibitions of graphics, including also “Biennial of Graphic” (Kaliningrad, Russia, 1990, 1992 and 1998) VI International Biennial of Graphic and drawing (Taipei, 1993), “Osaka Triennale 94” (Osaka, Japan, 1994 ), the National triennial graphics (Kyiv, 1997), International Triennale of graphics (Prague, 1998) and others. In 2009 Pavel Makov received a silver medal of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine. Author and participant in numerous projects in Ukraine and abroad. Author’s works are in museum collections in Ukraine, Russia, the UK, Italy, USA, Japan and other countries.

Sergei Vasiliev / critic: “Absolutely unique status Makov Art in our environment is incredibly strong, ac-backed topical concept in the same way in a chore, finest craftsmanship stranger.”

Olga Ostroverkh / art: “Macs – one of nayvirtuoznishyh hoaxer our time.”

Catherine Zagorskaya / critic: “Uchta – to some extent social project. So that being social -It is to be abandoned. Was uchta another official and calculated so that Dosta-boring technique, whether it is sitting good old friends? But no drama in this regard in Makov not. ”

Napkin / From the cepii «Uchta. State table cloth. " From the series "The Chronicles of Utopia» / 2011 etching, acrylic

Napkin / From the cepii «Uchta. State table cloth. ” From the series “The Chronicles of Utopia» / 2011 etching, acrylic / 40×40,5

The work belongs to the series “Uchta. State table cloth“one of navidomishyh cycles artist called” Utopia. Chronicles of 1992 – 2005 “. Another work from the series was sold to the world-renowned Sotheby’s (Sotheby’s) in 2009. Developm tuyuchy-Soviet life, Macs used as objects of Soviet life ofortnu board. Ironically serving “table” spoons and forks is the participation of one cigarette cases from the collection of the artist that Macs collected a long time admiring the Soviet artifacts. In uchti cigarette case serves as napkins. In this work, as in the series of “Utopia”, clearly reflects the author’s original philosophy and perception of time-space (timespace) as a closed repetitive act of history on the map frozen city.

AMФITEAPT-VOLVULUS І 1994 папір, intaglio, акрил І 74х50

AMPHITHEATER-VOLVULUS / 1994 / paper, intaglio, acryl / 74х50 / Published authors I first catalog “Ya gallery” / publishing Artbuk 2008 / p. 39

Work AMFITEART – VOLVULUS * was presented in the retrospective design of the author “author books, maps, miniatures” in the art center I Gallery in Kyiv, at the National Gallery of Art in Lviv under the curatorial project of Paul Gudimov “New Old Masters” and the National Museum of Ukraine . The process and result in job creation reflects the author’s book “Utopia. Chronicles of 1992 – 2005 “.

Playing a symbolic map of Kharkiv resembles the collapse of the embryo, where the development is going in the opposite direction. The artist used two boards inverted, creating symmetrical embryo imprint on the middle stage of collapse. This deliberate “mistake” fundamentally important for the idea of work as well as for all the work of Poppy.

Makov: “My interpretation of the word” utopia “is different from the traditional sense of the term as some impossible future. In fact, I take a utopia that we now have as a present. We have nothing more real for utopia. ”

Art Center "Ya Gallery"  in Kiev / 2007

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Art Center “Ya Gallery” in Kiev / 2007

* Volvulus – ileus (Latin).

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