Volodymyr Kostyrko

Volodymyr Kostyrko

Володимир Костирко

Born in 1967, lives and works in Lviv. In 1987 graduated from the Lviv school of decorative and applied art, 1999 — the Catholic University of Lublin, [Department of history of art!. 1994 — author and participant of group and personal projects in Ukraine and abroad. Editor of “civil initiative”. Often grotesque figurative painting Costa RCA is an artistic adaptation of historical figures to “settings” contemporary perception that the artist performs in the style of “new old masters”.

According to Victor Neborak, Volodymyr Kostyrko — “lethal mix of monarchism, anarchism and Catholicism”.

Volodymyr Kostyrko: “Titian painted with prepnuti to the sword belt. Every person need a weapon to be able to defend themselves, their honor and loved ones.”

Both works were first presented in the solo project 2011 “The hand of the master. Criminal history of artists“in the art-centre of Paul Gudimov’s ya Gallery. The aim of the project became a religious romantic image of the artist at the expense of historical rethinking the private lives of prominent artists Caravaggio, Longhi, Cellini, Tarragona and Perugino. Introducing the phenomenon of “new old masters” in Ukraine, Volodymyr Kostyrko repeats the trick of Caravaggio. Just as he dug a four-day corpse, to accurately portray the resurrected Lazarus, Kostyrko has cooperated with the past, to be precise in matters of modernity.

Boris Panenko / critic: “Pietro Tarragano — teacher of Michelangelo Buonarroti and of course, fist fighter. He doesn’t need knives and sticks. The result of the well-aimed impact significantly on the portrayal of Michelangelo (look at the nose) and driving force – a mighty fist — Costa CSC has placed on the family coat of arms dürer, receiving a “coat of Arms of the Carver Tarragona”. Every mystery in the context of the artist-criminal is missing here. This is a gross realism. And because such it is, we have room for metaphors, looking at everyday modernity. Quite muscular and bartholow modernity.”

Ruka majstra [Рука майстра]

Ruka majstra [Рука майстра] 2011 [Lemberg] І полотно, олія І 35х50

View of the exhibition "The hand of the master"

View of the exhibition “The hand of the master”. Criminal history of artists art-center “Ya Gallery” in Kiev / 2011

НегЬ rlzjbara Pletro Torrlglano

НегЬ rlzjbara Pletro Torrlglano / 2011 / LeoPolis / oil on canvas / 75х60

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