Vitaliy Kulikov

Vitaliy Kulikov

Born in 1935 in. Wing (Novoheorhiyevsk). In 1961 he graduated from the Kharkov Art College, in 1967 – Kharkov Art and Industry Institute (prof. G. Bondarenko). From 1969 Vitaliy Kulikov – author and participant of personal and group projects. Awarded diplomas Republican poster exhibitions (1974 and 1986, Kyiv) and International Triennale of prints in Shamalye (1994, France), winner of the Municipal Award (Kharkiv, 2006). In 1974 he became a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Today Vitaliy Kulikov – known painter, graphic artist, book designer, poster artist, professor of drawing and painting architectural department of Kharkiv State Technical University of Construction and Architecture. Cult artist in Kharkiv, Vitaliy Kulikov became a teacher of philosophy of art for many generations of artists. Represent exhibition of the artist consider it an honor curators and gallery owners. Works of the artist are in museum collections of Ukraine, Russia, France and USA.

Valentine Nemtsov / art: “Painting Kulikova language similar to the language of the architect or sculptor, based on the masses of the game, which he is fluent. The colors in his beautiful system, of course, play a dependent role, declaring himself a few, but strong accent. The main purpose koloru- detect the plane, its facets and breaks. Sometimes the color is muted sounds as if “under surdynoyu” without diverting attention from the intense process of “adjustment” of the masses, the result of which is characteristic landscapes “.


Bonoto in Orzechowce / 2008 / oil on canvas

Bonoto in Orzechowce / 2008 / oil on canvas / 47×47 / Published: Album “Vitaliy Kulikov,” publishing “RODOVID”, 2009, p. 263

Novoheorhiyevsk in 1912 / 2007 oil on canvas / 47х47

Novoheorhiyevsk in 1912 / 2007 oil on canvas / 47х47

Тясмин біля Чигирина. Ранок І 2008 полотно, олія І 47х47

Тясмин біля Чигирина. Ранок І 2008 полотно, олія І 47х47 Опубліковано: Альбом «Віталій Куліков», видавництво «РОДОВІД» І 2009 І стор. 26

Vitaliy Kulikov: “Do not positioning ourselves landscape painter, I paint and paint landscapes of childhood. Not sketches from nature, and imagery that came to mind …. Promising seems to me reasonable geometrization plastic structure. Geometry distracts from botany, physiology and closer to the sacred, which is undoubtedly present in the visual world. ” In a retrospective look at the history of the area Kulikov plays his legend. Work “in 1912 Novoheorriyevsk” reconstructs the artist’s hometown during his prosperity, thus recalling his sad fate. The old historic town, which is almost all times had special privileges and rapidly developed, was submerged in 1961 the Kremenchug water reservoir. Another “development plan” did not spare the USSR nor the glorious past of the city nor its historic buildings. Kulikova from home and his teacher Gregory Bondarenko, who also was born in St. George, left a small village, and the history of the city remained forever in the past. In “Tyasmyn near Chyhyryn. Morning” geometric shapes landscape blur the line between natural elements and signs of human presence, dissolving the contours of the historic city in the waters of the river Tyasmyn. Landscape, “there is actually to always unbiased view fantastychnishyy, more mysterious than any fiction.”

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