Serhiy Yakutovych

Serhiy Yakutovych

Сергій Якутович

Born 1952 in Kiev in a family of artists. His father Zhorik the Yakutovych -Ukrainian an outstanding schedule of the mid-twentieth century, is also known for work in film, in particular on the film “Shadows of forgotten ancestors” of S. Parajanov. In 1970, the artist graduated from the Republican secondary art school. T. G. Shevchenko, in 1973 – the Moscow polygraphic Institute [faculty of art media), and in 1974 the National Academy of art and architecture [graphic faculty). Until 1981 — postgraduate student of creative studios of Academy of arts of the USSR in Kiev. Since 1973 the Yakutovych is a permanent participant of art exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad, since 1978 – member of the USSR Union of artists. The winner of many national and international awards, the National prize. Shevchenko, a Large gold medal of the USSR Academy of arts, a Gold medal of Academy of arts of Ukraine. 2013 Serhiy Yakutovych became an academician of the National Academy of arts of Ukraine. The author of illustrations for more than 160 publications. Artworks of the artist are in museums of Ukraine, Russia, Germany, USA.

Elena Martynyuk / art historian: “the Luxury touch pen Yakutovich against the paper that he is touching as the woman tenderly, passionately. However lush and uninhibited style linear graphics of the artist is not due to irresponsible attitude to the line, but rather its rigor and well-adjusted. This stroke of drawing the whole figure without taking your hands from the sheet. His freedom lies more in working with space and movement on a plane, than a line that Sergei useronline, clear”.

Madonna / 2003 / ink, acrylic, paper / 35х25

Madonna / 2003 / ink, acrylic, paper / 35х25

Yakutovych: “This work was created on Christmas Eve. As I have a natural desire of the artist to recreate the image of the Madonna, of untempered concepts or contexts. I rarely create one job, usually a series. And in fact, probably its appeal, that it is one. ”

Madonna” Sergei Yakutovych was created during the artist’s large-scale project on “Mazepiana” – a series of graphic works devoted to Ukraine Hetman Ivan Mazepa. Together with some graphic cycles “Mazepiana ‘work took part in a documentary Yakutovych” Echo. ” In his graphic and artistic productions in film artist melted lines and themes Ukrainian Baroque Mythicized being immersed in the world of romantic nineteenth century. The “Madonna” with extraordinary skill combined Catholic and Orthodox images of the woman, luxuriant dress contrasts with the strict Slavic facial features and emphasizes the traditionally gentle gesture hands holding little Christ.

View of the exhibition "noise" of the fair "une aht Ukraine» Ukrainian Home / Kyiv / 2009

View of the exhibition “noise” of the fair “une aht Ukraine» Ukrainian Home / Kyiv / 2009

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