Alexander Sukholit

Олександр Сухоліт

Born in 1960 in the village Carnatic in Chernihiv. Lives and works in Kiev. Graduated from Uzhgorod College of decorative and applied arts in 1979, and in 1986-Kiev state art Institute’s sculpture Department, workshop Makar Vronsky]. Since 1991 the author and an active participant in personal and collective exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. A member of the Union of artists of Ukraine. His works are in Museum collections in Ukraine, Japan, Denmark, Croatia, in private collections in USA, UK, Germany and other countries of the world.

Alexander Sukholit is the best artist of the generation 90’s, whose work has had and continues to have a significant impact on the Ukrainian artistic environment. In the works the artist skilfully combines the simple way of drawing expressly colours that is reflected in “the Sea and the night”. The painting was created in 2000-ies, marked the beginning of new experiments after the capture of the explanation of archaisms. However, it retains the same emotional line, the desire for deepening and reconstruction of long-forgotten sensations.

The sea and night / 2005 / oil on canvas / 42х42

The sea and night / 2005 / oil on canvas / 42х42

Alexander Sukholit: “I went to the Paleolithic period, took that material, and to the best of my academic education Culturel him would have tamed a wild animal. I’ve separated the art from those ancient religious beliefs, for me it was a game and philosophy. I realized that by drawing the animal and the person is symbolically portrayed by the artist as a shepherd, but art -like an animal. I’ll need to fall, not to destroy this living element to the art is not turned into scholastic that it gave, in the end, the milk is the joy”.

Olga Lagutenko / art historian: “At the turn of the day, at the crossroads of the centuries, among the allegations a “post” and “neo”, the art of Alexander Sukholit is about the journey, the soul, unity of soul and flesh. Alexanrov Shalt close is the idea of universal animate there are things and phenomena, psycho-physical parallelism. He was confident, sensual and religious ideal must be dissolved in each other. And his art in different media-sculpture, painting, drawing, installation -says it exactly how the personal life of the artist.”.

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