Alexander Roytburd

Alexander Roytburd

Born in 1961 in Odessa. Lives and works in Kiev. In 1983 graduated from the Odessa pedagogical Institute [art-graphic faculty]. In 1993 he founded the Association “New art”. Participated in numerous projects in Ukra n and abroad. Named Roitburd linked first Ukrainian international success of conceptual art in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Work Roitburd are in the collections of museums of Ukraine, Russia, USA, Slovenia, in many public and private collections. The artist is considered “the Patriarch of Ukrainian postmodernism”, the leader and theoretician of Ukrainian transavantgarde.

Vsekydnevnyyat abdomen Pompey 1996-2000 / paper, mixed media and 60x42

From the series Vsekydnevnyyat abdomen Pompey 1996-2000 / paper, mixed media and 60×42 and published: Product charity project “Restoration,” National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” 2011, p. 18-19

Series “Vsekydnevnyyat abdomen in Pompeii” [a Bulgarian “Everyday life in Pompeii”] exhibited in 1997 in the gallery “Karas”. 2011 work came to the auction catalog of the “Restoration” Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, the first charitable evening and auction of contemporary Ukrainian art to raise funds for the restoration project of the Old Academic korpusu.Tam work and was acquired. Alexander manner Roytburd hard not to know. The broad strokes are strong, highlighted game of light and dark “pieces” paints consist in visual perception not only in painting but in the rough sculpture similar to plasticine animation, color and culture is associated with the icon. With bright “clay” and sculpted characters and minimalist background, which brilliantly beaten disaster body. Locked space in which there is a body, like a dream, where everything exists by its own laws, different from reality.

Alexander Roytburd “Paintings like children. So people who hang my work for me like family. ”

Olesia Avramenko / art: “The author loves mixing cool, loves to impose a thick layer of paint, liplyachy thereby providing volume and surface depth. This color gets an extra push to vibrations in the air. “

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