Nikita Kravtsov

Nikita Kravtsov

Born in 1988 in Yalta. Lives and works in Kiev. In 201 O year graduated from the National Academy of fine arts and architecture, where he studied under the guidance of professors T. M. Golebiewska and V. I. Gura on. As one of the best graduates continue their training in the postgraduate. Since 2008, the artist takes an active part in artistic projects, among them the Venice Biennale (2011) and the First Kyiv international Biennale ARSENALE 2012. His works have drawn their projects with curators Lidia Likhach, Ollga Milentii, Alexander Solovyev, Paul goody languages, Alexander Lyapin. With 201 On the year, was a member of the program young artists of the gene pool, organized an art center I Gallery. The participant of the scholarship program I Gallery, which is backed by philanthropists Oleksandr Kamenets, Pavlo Martynov, Dina Sinclair and Olena Khomenko.

The work belongs to a number of places of production of works written by the artist during plein and frequent journeys to the Crimea. The story was prompted by the situation of the reconstruction of the old house of Balaklava — the author has depicted part of the building and the roof when it was repaired. Seascape theme, very similar to Kravtsov, embodied in a characteristic of the artist an easy manner. Quite realistic geometrizovannym landscapes there is the image of fish, which often appears in the works of the artist as an implementation of his philosophy.

Balaclava / 2011 / canvas, oil / 35x45

Balaclava / 2011 / canvas, oil / 35×45

Nikita Kravtsov: “In the Greenland village, I observed how local people live. I noticed that they have not lived, but existed on the shore, until he saw the shoal of fish that came into the Bay. Then they started to live. To the South is the same: the locals waiting for all day fishing. In Europe fish is the symbol of life, the sign of Christ. North and South are United by one thing. The fish which gives life to the people.”

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