Igor Yanovich

Igor Yanovich


Born in Kiev in 1944, lives and works in. In 1971 he graduated from the Lviv Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts [Department of Ceramic Art]. 1986 joined the Union of Artists. Since 1988 works with the association “Vanguard Express” at the Cultural Foundation of the USSR. Since 1988 the artist has participated in more than 70 foreign and international exhibitions organized 25 personal exhibitions and projects in Ukraine, Poland, Austria, Germany. Three times received the award of the International Triennial of Painting of the Carpathian Region “Silver Quadrangle” in Poland -in 1998, 2003 and 2006.

Igor Yanovich – meter neoavanhardu domestic and non-figurative art artist, whose works are greatly appreciated and in Ukraine and abroad, particularly in Poland, where the collections of museums. The philosophy of the artist’s close to young Ukrainian artists, who consider him a teacher. Motivated by inner nature, creativity Azarov opposed to conceptual games with the audience, net of effects, engagement, provoking or shocking. This -tvorchyy act aimed at expressing inner world.

Paul Gudimov / curator: “The works of Igor Yanovich pixel pieces are torn, reduced or increased, concentrated space and environment. However, this blatant decorative destruction. ”

A series of works on paper marked a special expression and emancipation, which can only afford this stuff. It seems that the line movement to recreate a musical composition, and this music belongs to a completely different world. The emergence of new forms and new substances stanu- is what excites the artist. That matter, its structure and destruction, transformation is Yanovich object of study for many years. In the works “dynamic structure” raises the matter of mobile, not static substance, which the artist captures picturesque camera.

Composition №15

Composition №15 / 2008 / paper, mixed technique / 30×20

Dynamic structure №2

Dynamic structure №2 / 1998 / paper, mixed technique / 56×42,5

Composition №5

Composition №5 / 2008 / paper, mixed technique / 30×20

Dynamic structure

Dynamic structure / 1998 / paper, mixed technique / 56×42,5

View of the exhibition. Subjective space art center "Ya Gallery" in Kyiv / 2011

View of the exhibition. Subjective space art center “Ya Gallery” in Kyiv / 2011

Matter №12 / 2007

Matter №12 / 2007 / paper, mixed technique / 59×42 Published: First catalog of authors “Ya Gallery”, published Artbuk 2008 / p. 66

“Matter №12” belongs to the famous series “Matter.” The impetus for the creation cycle was the quote from an old textbook, “no matter what is not there and does not disappear, it just changes its shape, going from one state to another.”

Igor Yanovich “eternal, mysterious substance that determines everything, there is a more subtle forms of consciousness and psyche. The world of nature (matter) and the world of consciousness appear inseparable unity and cooperation. And in the middle of this interaction – the world of human emotions, alienation, destruction, the world of birth and tragic end. ”

Untitled, from the series "subjective space" 2010 / paper, mixed technique / 29,5x20,5

Untitled, from the series “subjective space” 2010 / paper, mixed technique / 29,5×20,5

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